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NC文章背后的那些事儿|关于Michael A. Antonelli的Q&A(附中文翻译)

WeChat, Q&A with Michael A. Antonelli by "ChemPlanet"

A new study shows the repeatedly occurring subduction of oceanic crust
throughout the Archaean.


La subduction déjà à l’œuvre sur Terre il y a 4 milliards d’années.

Université de Paris 

Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris

Kinetic and equilibrium Ca isotope effects in high-T rocks and minerals


Earth and Planetary Science Ph.D. Candidate Michael Antonelli Featured By Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Seawater Chemistry May Have Influenced the Exchange of Elements Between Oceans
and Earth throughout History 

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab 

Mineralogical Association of Canada Awards (Elements Magazine)
MAC Travel & Research Grants 2013

Rocks re-emerge after 2.5 billion years in mantle

New Scientist

Ancient crust rises from the deep


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